I turn your poor choices & overwhelm into 38+ hours free time each week
& laser-focused action that slices the fog,.

Just like I've done for 301 people like you, and me.

About Me

Over the last 2 decades, I've run 5 businesses, while working with some of the top tier global investment banks & consultancies.

In my early 20s, I burnt out twice. The third time was a breakdown  that almost took my life. I was just 36.

Today, I'm a Decision Coach for coaches & consultants, a High Magick practitioner & 121 coach for men.  I'm studying MSc in Applied Neuroscience at King's College London & work full time at an investment bank called UBS, where I'm a Director and Product Owner driving the development of a legal technology solution within an area called eDiscovery.

it sounds a lot, but I have more free time than ever for me, those I care about, and the personal aspirations I have.

The Child Carer

In 2016, I burned out, but that fire was lit when I was only 8 years old.

That was when my aunt came to live with us. She had brain damage. It was painful to watch her just survive through the last years of her life. And it was a really heavy burden for my parents, as well as for me, to look after her.

They took on too much, never asked for outside help and it took its toll on all of us. I grew up much faster than I could have imagined.

The Uni Dropout

I was an only child who struggled to fit in. Uni wasn't for me, so I dropped out.

At 19, with no experience other than a part time shop assistant, I took on a role that started my 24+ year corporate career in the City.

I fell into jewellery making, a creative escape away from the stresses of home. The internet had just become a thing & paved the way for me to set up my first business, Eastern Mystic.

4 years later, I was headhunted by Goldman Sachs.

The Process Geek

I was 23, my aunt had passed away a few months earlier.

In my first week as part of one of the biggest banking powerhouses, I wasn't only finding my feet - I was also coming to terms with the sudden loss of my Dad.

My new role became a great distraction.

We had a huge project to launch dozens of hedge funds as our new clients, but they were unhappy and nobody thought we could pull it off.  

I said to my boss,“Listen, I think I know how to fix this,” and she said, “If you want this mess, it’s all yours!” So I did.

Breaking Point

After that, building effective decision-making systems & processes became my career, and I became known for turning chaos into clarity & cash.  

I worked with the likes of HSBC, Coutts, PWC, IBM, UBS, Accenture, Deutsche Bank & ran my businesses in parallel, I got busier & busier everyday.

I'd fallen into the same traps I helped my clients avoid, and made the same mistakes I fixed for others:

I made poor choices, took on too many of the wrong things & thought quick fixes would get me out of a dark hole.

A carer for most of my childhood, I was used to being seen as the go-to person & fixer. I didn’t want to lose that badge.

I burnt out, was signed off for 9 months & worked right through it. It was only a matter of time before I’d burn out again. And I did.

"Too Ambitious"

I threw myself even more into work. At 36, I had a breakdown that almost took my life.

I’d almost achieved what I’d been trying to avoid. Losing everything I had - an amazing partner, 3 thriving businesses and a career, a home…and my life.

I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, something I'd had for decades but went undetected.

Therapy & coaching helped to a point. It helped me to navigate the debilitating daily violent flashbacks I'd lived with for years.

But it also kept me stuck in the past & in a cycle of indecision & lack of direction. At one point, I was told I was too ambitious & that didn’t sit well with me.

So I opted for a better approach.

The 5 PEAKS Method® & High Magick

I applied the exact method I used to generate $20m for businesses to simplify & amplify my own life.

It’s called the 5 PEAKS Method® & has already helped over 301 coaches & consultants to: 

- Free up 38+ hours/week
- Prioritise NEED VS NOISE w/o guilt
- Kill distractions that steal their time
- Make killer decisions & excel in crisis
- Say 'yes' & 'no' with unwavering conviction
- Swap second-guessing for action that cuts through the fog

I'm clairaudient & clairsentient, since I was young. Which means that when I connect to the emotional energy of others,  I receive messages & can see things in ways that others can't.

My process driven & logical brain could never come to terms with it, until it started helping me release the blocks that leaked into my business from my violent childhood.

Since then I've formally trained in High Magick as an Initiate & have helped over 56+ others to remove the blocks they can't see, or don't want to face & give them clarity on their direction, usually in 1 or 2 sessions.

Ditch Average.
Be Exceptional.

Uncover the 5-step method that's helped me & 301+ coaches & consultants to free up 38+ hours/week & go from being paralysed by distractions to executing the right things with unwavering conviction.

Free from hacks, quick fixes & spam

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