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My Journey


It's been a roller-coaster to say the least, but I wouldn't change any of it for the world. All of it has led me to where I am today. 

If you feel frustrated, hopeless, angry, unfulfilled or unhappy but don't know where to start, I hope reading the below helps you to know that you're not alone and gives you confidence to just take that first next step.

If I can turn things around, you most definitely can too! 

Thank you for reading this far.

With love,


The Child Carer & People-Pleaser


 I had a tough childhood from aged 8 when I became a co-carer for my aunt who was left brain-damaged years earlier. As an only child, I was looking forward to having company and looking after someone.   But the excitement didn't last long.

Her condition deteriorated and our lives became a struggle. Looking after her got harder, and I was witness to multiple violent events almost daily for 15 years. Dealing with the usual growing pains on top of that started to take its toll on me. I lost my self-esteem and found myself in the habit of going out of my way to fit in, be liked and feel appreciated.

I kept myself busy working on things more than I needed to, something that amplified over the years and spilled into my corporate life, my businesses and friends circles.

The Uni Drop-Out & Creative 


At 19 - I walked out of university realising it wasn't for me. I wanted to actively DO things, not to be sat in a hall listening to a lecturer who clearly didn't want to be there herself.

I applied for jobs and, with no relevant work experience, received two job offers that kickstarted my 22 year career working with the likes of Goldman Sachs, HSBC, UBS, Barclays, KPMG, PWC amongst many others. It was a career that would lead me to set up my process consultancy for small businesses.

At 20, I fell into jewellery making, studied a diploma in jewellery manufacturing after work and set up two brands that featured in the likes of Vogue Italy, UK and India, Harpers Bazaar UK and China, Grazia UK and India and GQ that kept me close to my creative side for 18 years, but also made my already busy life much busier.

The Victim & Martyr


My aunt sadly died when I was 23. Six months later, the stress took it's toll on my Dad and he joined her. I felt like I lost my chance for closure. I was angry, grieving, felt misunderstood and alone.

I found comfort in overworking and completely neglected my health and family, working up to 18 hours a day with little sleep. But I continued to take on more or help others, only to resent it later and wear it like a badge of honour.

At 30, I started experiencing violent flashbacks that left me disoriented and re-living my traumas each time they happened. As they increased, so did my resistance to accepting it and ignoring all the signs that I was severely burning out.

To everyone else I was a successful solopreneur managing three business while in corporate who easily found work 

But I was struggling. I felt overwhelmed, under-valued, hard done by, thought others had life easier than me and that no-one understood me or what I'd been through.

The Trauma Warrior


It took a huge breakdown at 36 to make me realise that it was no-one else's responsibility to understand or make sense of my past or to save me but mine, so I sought professional help.

A psychotherapist confirmed that I had Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and it was that diagnosis that helped me feel more free. 

What I wanted from life changed in an instant and I wanted to be the one guiding it. But I had zero clue  where to start. 

For the first time, I invested in myself, with coaches and an incredible trauma therapist (Nikki Scheiner).

I learned to set healthy boundaries, move on from the past, let go of friendships and activities that were toxic or no longer served me. I felt free to be in control of my life and to start creating the life that I wanted for myself.

It's amazing how even achieving simple things in life can feel impossible when we blame our outcomes on others or things outside of our control. 

I have no idea how my businesses survived, but I do know that it's down to my therapists and coaches that I am here today and thriving.

The Coach, Consultant & Healing Practitioner


A holistic therapist helped me to reduce my high stress levels, but it was Reiki that brought the most shifts. So much so, I trained in it myself. With my curiosity elevated, I went on to train in esoteric and metaphysical healing. 

I'm now an initiate of ancient mystery school lineages where I've learned powerful and sacred practices, rituals and healing modalities that I bring in to help my clients like it's helped me.

The business owners I helped streamline their businesses for started to approach me for personal coaching,  and after seeing the outcomes they achieved, I decided to become certified. In 2022 I did just that.

I also have my own amazing life, business & spiritual coaches who help keep me in check so that my clients get the best of me for life-changing results.

My mission is to help as many people as I can reclaim the power of what happens in their lives by breaking free from from the negative thought patterns, behaviours and actions that have held them back for so long and to enjoy the process along the way.

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