How would your business transform if indecision & overwhelm were no longer part of your life?


The REAL wins

All by following the method I teach inside the Focused Action Amplifier®

Take the outcomes some of my clients have achieved for themselves:

  • $15,000 saved in week 1
  • $13,000 of sales made in 4 days
  • 750% more clients & freed up 48% of their working week
  • 80% increase in income & works 3 days instead of 6
  • 18 hours each week freed up to build a side business

Sounds incredible, and those aren't even the real wins, this is:

They're now armed with a simple method for consistent, upward progress they can easily repeat for their relationships, businesses, mental & physical health.

You don't thrive in life by talking a good game, you get it by doing great things & taking charge.

That's why I launched my Focused Action Amplifier.

To teach the method they've used & help even more people do just that.



Richard Moore

Founder | The LinkedIn Client Accelerator


Sonal is diligent, focused, intelligent and driven. When these ingredients are combined with her natural urge to take action, results happen. Her consistency is remarkable and I would often think of her when recommending someone to take them to a level of peak performance

Ash Rathod

Managing Partner & Brand Strategist | Digital Focus Creatives & WAM


The work that Sonal does is genuinely transformative. With her deep knowledge spanning metaphysics to neuroscience, she's got this unique knack for guiding people through deep rooted challenges.

It's not just about hitting goals with Sonal, it's about finding genuine fulfilment along the way. I can genuinely say she's a gem in the world of performance and productivity coaching.

If you ever get a chance to chat and work with her, take it. You will not regret it

Sri Mahabir

Video Marketing Agency Owner | Next Level Consulting Agency


At first I was super anxious & nervous about things. Session by session I was facing situations that normally would be difficult, but I did with much ease. It helped me to get clarity how I was running away from my business instead of towards it - the wake up call I needed!

There are things in business I needed to let go, which was very difficult for me. Sonal was there-holding my hand each step of the way.

If you're looking to get a grasp of your time & emotions, Sonal can help you see the blocks that you may not realise you have.

Sri Mahabir

CEO | TRUTH Fitness


I can't do long, soppy, drawn-out, descriptive testimonials for people. I also don't recommend stuff that isn't great.

Sonal is great.

Her coaching has changed my life for the better, and if, like me, you're a businessman that needs clarity, there is nowhere else you should look.

Her coaching works. Reach out before she gets too busy to fit you in.

Ian Worthington

Founder | GymWolf PT


I'm currently working with Sonal and her 5 PEAKS Method - it's an absolute game changer! Sonal is awesome - a super talented coach, communicator and 'action maker'.

She is brilliant to work with, has a great personality and ensures all her teachings have workable and implementable solutions.

I would highly recommend Sonal, The 5 PEAKS Method and all that she does.

Scott Kelly

CX Leader | Cisco Germany


Sonal is a top class coach who helps you immediately cut through the noise and helps you to focus on what matters and what is really important.

She will help you identify growth and improvement areas and guides you on this journey. I have no hesitation in recommending her and her work

Tom Kelly

Demand Generation Strategist | Kurve


I’d very much recommend working with Sonal!  A very talented project manager, extremely easy to work with and helped me to build out the systems & processes I needed to scale.

Barbora Pocuchova

Content Strategist & Ghost-writer


Sonal combines the best of both worlds – intuitive energy with sharp strategy. She brought me a sense of renewal, peace, and direction.

The results have been fantastic and I feel on track. Sonal is extremely kind and has a wealth of wisdom & life experience anyone can benefit from.

Luke Nevill

Facebook Ads Strategist | Kurve


Too many businesses/people are doing repetitive tasks that end up taking majority of your time (these tasks compound over time).

We worked on who, what, where, why and how. This helped improve my systems further. I’d recommend connecting with her

Shaian Nouri

Google Ads Strategist | Kurve


I had a great experience with Sonal as she guided me through frameworks to simplify my work.

She helped me delegate, streamline & automate. I would recommend this to anybody – it’s an investment that will pay itself

Adam Cockerill

Founder | CODE Websites


It's so nice to be in such a better place than this time last year. I'm not burnt out looking at work. Amazing! Thank you so much for helping me on this

Al Tepper

Founder | TEPFU Marketing


Where would my business be without Sonal?

I would still be overwhelmed and anxious about where the growth could come from because we were at capacity.

Shonagh MacVicar

General Counsel | C-Suite Advisor


After only a few sessions, I found I was setting goals relating to my purpose, health and relationships and achieving results!

Son is intuitive, authentic and invested in supporting her clients to reach optimum levels of fulfilment.

Dimitris Androutsos

Senior Manager | PWC Management Consultancy


I highly recommend Sonal. She is an excellent Business Analyst with exceptional problem solving skills. She is very engaging and an excellent team player who works collaborative with all programme teams.

She has good business and commercial acumen. Sonal is a great asset.

Sarah O'Donoghue

Founder | Optio | Online Business Management


My business was growing quickly (...) Even though I had a business plan, I didn’t know where to start.Sonal gave me a new pricing structure and onboarding processes and even made suggestions for how to scale the business in 3 to 5 years! I implemented these immediately.The business has grown from just me to 9 people and having all the right processes and resources in place to support me has meant I can put all my focus into business development and account management.
All this in 2 months!

Louise Lai

Chief Client & Transformation Officer | TPX Impact | UK


Son supported us through a change & restructure programme bringing clarity, challenge, expertise &support to guide us through a complex landscape.

Thank you always being so generous with your time & experience, for creating a framework that provided genuine transparency & structure!

Olly Church

Co-Founder - Eleos Partnership | Herts UK


Sonal works with just the right combination of reassurance, guidance and challenge in a way that has really helped to shape our thinking and turn an idea into a growing reality.We are now at the point of launching our new business model into the unknown – it’s still early days but without Sonal by our side, we may still be going round in circles. Thank you Sonal for helping us get to the start line in a timely and orderly fashion and for offering to always be on hand to call on when we feel lost.

Jamie Rose

Social Selling Strategist


I started speaking with Sonal through the general feed on LinkedIn & once I got to know her a little more we started working together around energy & healing. From all the things I invested into myself this year Sonal is the one I have recommended time & time again. It's hard to put our actual journey into words, but if you are feeling stuck, a little lost or that you just need some help re-finding you and your direction Sonal is who you should be messaging. Thank you Sonal

What's the Focused

The Focused Action Amplifier® is for consultants & coaches who feel paralysed by endless choices & bogged down by procrastination in their business & personal lives.

It's designed from my own personal transformation from severe Complex PTSD while running multiple businesses & 24+ years experience simplifying decision-making processes for industry giants & 85+ small businesses, making them $20m+

You'll master the Method that's already helped me & 301 + people like you to

  • Free up 38+ hours/week: Every week. And allocate it wisely
  • Excel in Crisis: Make killer decisions in tough situations
  • Make Assertive Choices: Say 'yes' & 'no' with unwavering conviction.
  • Swap second-guessing for action that cuts through the fog.
  • Prioritise NEED over NOISE: Make decisions that matter & kill the distractions steal your time

It's not about learning to just "say no" or "make the right choices", It's about knowing HOW to make the right choices that consistently drive you forward, while you effortlessly kill the noise that tries to stand in your way - in business & life.



The Program

A real-time playbook for those fed up of being last on their list. Every Wednesday, we deep dive on a live session to keep you on track to making better decisions & achieve your most audacious goals. The assignments & progress checks steer you clear of procrastination & overwhelm


The Method

5 core modules that cover each of the PEAKS, along with bonus sessions, masterclasses & scenario walkthroughs that sharpen your decision-making,  clarity, teach you to bounce back from setbacks & influence what you can't control...with 38+ hours of spare time each week


The Coaching & Consulting

I don't want you to progress. I want you to thrive. Whether you're grappling with an obstacle, need clarification on a module, or just find yourself puzzled over an issue, you have direct 121 access to me via WhatsApp & 5 x 121 Zoom sessions with me to help you navigate through it.



Right now, you're drowning in commitments, yanked in various directions & it steals your focus from the action you need to take.

  • Your Power Tool: You'll create the only power tool you'll ever need - for every decision you'll ever need to make.
  • Unwavering Conviction: You'll make decisions from a place of power each time, no matter the guilt or emotional blackmail
  • Solid Choices: You'll eliminate poor choices & decision overload -because now you know EXACTLY what you stand to lose when you choose the wrong thing


Change is scary. That fear of the unknown makes you think about the worst-case scenario; every decision feels like a gamble:

  • Eliminate distractions:  You'll know exactly what needs to go & what needs to stay
  • Your game plan You'll create a game plan for each relationship, activity & idea that needs to go
  • Kick procrastination to the curb, identify your boundaries & start to set them in place.

You'll stop overthinking & become a decision-making machine that gets the right stuff done.


You know what you need to do, but doing it brings another level of fear & anxiety. So you hold on to what keeps dragging you down.

  • Remove the noise for good Step by step, you'll remove what's really blocking your profits & personal success all this time.
  • Go from NEED to WANT: You'll stop being let down by others & take charge of your own happiness & fulfilment
  • Measure your success on demand No more "I've been so busy, but achieved nothing, I'm a failure" talk

You'll ditch the distractions & measure your own success, instead of basing it on other people's whims


You've cleared the deck,  you've removed the deadwood. Your ground is solid. Now it's time to build your personal empire:

  • Craft a fail-proof plan to reach your lofty goals.
  • Deconstruct big ambitions into bite-sized, flexible & doable tasks
  • Get so good at adapting, change becomes your second nature

You'll go from feeling overwhelmed by big goals to precise choices that drive you forward & help you effortlessly adjust to life's curveballs


You're not just aiming for the summit; you're prepping for any storms along the way.

  • "Flow like water" You'll make change work FOR you when uninvited change happens to you
  • Quit VS Grit You'll easily pinpoint when your needs change & know exactly what to do next
  • Bounce back from setbacks instead of being derailed by them.

You'll make sharp decisions on what's in & what's out to keep you on your path - as if on autopilot.


  • Let go of what & who doesn't serve you with unwavering conviction
  • Make the best decisions in the toughest situations
  • Feel in control in any situation, despite other people's demands & guilt trips
  • Prioritise the right thing in any given moment.
  • Influence situations & people you can't control




Once you're in, get life-long access to:
  • The 5 PEAKS Method®
  • Group calls every Wednesday (Q&A, training, hot seat)
  • The FAA Group WhatsApp Community
  • All group coaching call recordings
  • Your private G-Drive folder with workbooks
  • Weekly Goal setting every Monday
  • Assignment check-ins every Friday
  • Accountability to achieve your goals
  • Unlimited WhatsApp access to me
  • Unlimited 121 sessions with me for your assignment challenges or burning questions


1. On-demand masterclasses that simplify & amplify your personal & business life ($2,800 value)
  • #1: Simplify Your Client Journey
  • #2: Simplify Your Client Projects
  • #3: Create & Simplify Your Offers
  • #4: Power Playbook: Relationships
  • #5: Power Playbook: Business
  • #6: Power Playbook: Thoughts
  • #7: Decision Making Masterclass
2. The Decision Den™ ($3,000 value)

If you're stuck on a pressing decision or choice you need to make, torn between all the opinions of people wading in & still can't see a clear path forward

The Decision Den™ is where you remove the noise & come away with the decision that's right for you each time, through unlimited 121 sessions with me.

You'll also get on-demand access to 1 minute walk-throughs, where I break down the common decision-making dilemmas faced by me, my clients & you -and how to overcome them in just a few steps
3. Access to The High Magick Catalyst. ($2,500 value). A powerful 121 container with me, where we release your deepest rooted blocks with in 1-4 sessions


You've lost enough money, time & headspace, here's where you make it all back

Once you enrol, here's what happens next:
  • Welcome email from me
  • Access to the FAA platform on Circle
  • An invite to join the FAA community on WhatsApp
  • Zoom invitation for your group calls each Wednesday
  • Your personal link to book your 121 sessions with me
  • A WARM welcome from me & the FAA community!


Total: $5,000

3 X $1,700

Total: $5,100

6 X $875

Total: $5,250
p.s. Time for your business to give back to you! This program helps you solve your business challenges, so it may count as a business expense.



Once you're in, get life-long access to:
  • The 5 PEAKS Method® drip-fed course
  • Access to each PEAK every 2 weeks
  • Your private G-Drive folder with workbooks
  • Group chat & community in Circle
  • Access to me in the community space for any questions on your assignments
  • Unlimited WhatsApp access to me
  • All group coaching call recordings
  • The FAA Group WhatsApp Community
  • Assignment check-ins every Friday
  • Weekly Goal setting every Monday
  • Group calls every Wednesday (Q&A, training, hot seat)
  • Unlimited 121 sessions with me for your assignment challenges or burning questions


Once you enrol, here's what happens next:
  • Welcome email from me
  • Access to the FAA platform on Circle
  • A WARM welcome from me & the group in Circle! 
  • Instant access to your first PEAK

or 2 x $550

p.s. Time for your business to give back to you! This program helps you solve your business challenges, so it may count as a business expense.


Who do you work with?

My students range from: 

Consultants in the business advisory, technology, branding & marketing space,

Coaches in the leadership, mindset & social media space to ghost-writers, designers & copy writers

For some it's their sole business, for others, they have multiple businesses or work full time & are looking to start a business in parallel.

How long does the program last? 

Once you join, you have access to the FAA for the lifetime of the program, which includes: 

- Weekly Group Calls
- Your private G-Drive Folder with your workbook (shared with me)
- 121 Access To Me via 30 min Zoom Calls & WhatsApp
- Module Access to bonuses, master classes, scenario walkthroughs
- Access to group call recordings
- Access to the FAA community
- the 5 PEAKS Method®

If, at any point, I close the program, you'll be given access to all material for life.

What if I can't make the weekly calls?

All group calls are recorded and uploaded to Circle, so don't worry, you can play them back if you ever miss any sessions.

You can ask your questions & I'll make sure to respond on the calls & message you a reply as well.

They're all labelled with the items we've gone through so you can find what you're looking for too.

What's the time commitment?

I always recommend 1-2 hours each week to go through, even revisit parts of the modules & complete the assignments.

You'll also set a weekly goal that you'll have accountability & support from the group to complete.

Business & personal growth is a life long journey, which is why this program is too.

Once you complete the 5 PEAKS Method the first time around, you'll have the tools that ground you right back to what's important, so you can flit the distractions & drama away before it throws you off track.

My students get into the habit of pausing every few weeks to do a self-review.

You can jump in & pause when you need to, we'll always be there to help you through the challenges that life will inevitably throw at you.

What's the program format? 

This is a 121/group hybrid program that you have access to for the lifetime of the program.

Weekly Group Calls:
- We meet every Wednesday at 5pm UK time for our group call.
-This is a blend of a coaching hot seat, training plus Q&A, and of course to welcome our new members to the crew! 

Assignments & Feedback:
- You get access to your private G-Drive folder, which is shared with me so that I can take a look at your progress & answer any questions you have.

121 Access To Me: 
-> Your own private 121 booking link: 
You'll be given a private Calendly link to book your 30 min sessions with me when you need it. This is something I encourage you to use, and where I feel something needs to be discussed on a Zoom vs WhatsApp, I'll be making sure you book one in.

-> Access to me via WhatsApp: 
In between the group calls & any 121 sessions we have, you can message me at anytime on WhatsApp.

Module Access:
- You'll get access to an app called Circle, where all the modules, call recordings, bonuses, masterclasses and scenario walk throughs are housed.

Questions & Community:
- You can raise questions in the community within Circle & WhatsApp
- You can also join the group WhatsaApp, where we hold each other accountable to our weekly goals.

The 5 PEAKS Method®:
- When you join you'll get access to my 5 PEAKS Method® through a series of short videos (1-2 mins per lesson) to master each peak.

The Lessons: 
- I don't believe in bloating your learning experience with fluff or toxic positivity, the lessons are instructional & explain how to implement each lesson & complete the assignments, as well as the why behind it all.

When are assignments due? 

When you join, you'll be set up with your own G-Drive folder, which is shared with me so that I can take a look at your progress & answer any questions you have.

When can I start? 

As soon as you make your payment, you're in! 

It's completely up to you when you make a start on the modules, but I recommend joining the next coaching call once you join.

When you pay, you'll:
- Receive a confirmation with instructions to join in Circle.
- You'll be sent 2 links: one to join the private WhatsApp community & one for your private 121 zoom sessions with me.

Once you're in Circle, you'll see a list of numbered spaces -start with #1 which is the intro to the group and a tour of the community spaces in Circle.

You're then ready to go with your first lesson & assignment! 

You can pay in one instalment, over 3 months or over 6 months:

For 1 x $5,000, click here

For 3 x $1,700, click here (total amount $5,100) 

For 6 x $875, click here (total amount $5,250)

Prices increase every 3 months, as the program develops

Can I pay in instalments? 

You can pay in one instalment, over 3months, or over 6 months: 

For 1 x $5,000, click here

For 3 x $1,700, click here (total amount $5,100) 

For 6 x $875, click here (total amount $5,250)

Prices increase every 3 months, as the program develops

I'm sceptical. How do I know you're the one? 

You 100% should be. The training, coaching & consulting industry is full of people with different experiences, expertise & credentials. And the term "anyone can be a coach" well, it's true. They can.

I'm a certified coach, but here's the thing: A certification doesn't turn a bad coach into a better one. Not having one doesn't make a great coach a crap one.

Something to take note of if you rely on them as a seal of trust or proof that you'll get the results you want.

No-one can do the work for you. It's a big commitment and not something to take lightly. I definitely don't, it might take a few weeks or even a few months before I commit to a coaching program myself.

It's a big investment of your time, money and energy. That "know, like and trust" factor is key. That comes with social proof, connection, relatability and likeability amongst many other things.

So do your research beforehand. Feel free to stalk me for a bit on Linkedin where I post most days:)

What's your backstory? 

I was a carer for my 55 y/o disabled aunt from the age of 8, my childhood was great, but it was also very violent.

I didn't enjoy uni so dropped out when I was 19, was lucky to have been offered 2 roles in the city, and one of them led me to my 24 year career in change management & process improvement (I'm a geek at heart!) 

I lost my aunt & Dad 6 months apart when I was 23. That was tough to get through. I was one week into my role at Goldman Sachs, having been headhunted by them a month earlier...and I threw myself into my new role & my businesses.

A few years later, unknown to me I had my first flashback & suffered for years with debilitating episodes.

It was challenging living like everything was fine, but eventually it caught up with me. I burnout out twice in my 20s, but didn't take it seriously.

Then at 37, I had a breakdown that almost took my life. I finally was diagnosed with severe Complex PTSD, which I'd had for decades but had no clue.

Therapy & coaching helped to a point, but I was often told I was too ambitious & sessions felt like revisiting the past when I had come to terms with it, so I opted for a different approach.

I applied the exact method I'd used to simplify the most complex of businesses, making them $20m+ to simplify & amplify my own life.

Today, I'm a Director at an investment bank, I run 2 businesses - I do more than ever, but have more time than ever for what & who matters most.

And over the last 3 years, I've helped 301+ consultants & coaches to do the same! 

What's your refund policy?

This isn't for those who are already thinking of excuses to pull out, think they're too busy, just enjoy learning & want to collect more information until they feel like doing the work, or fancy a go at repurposing the modules to palm off as their own.

But if you're genuinely putting yourself at the forefront of your life, actively making the time to do the work & want to make the changes you talk about - if you've gone through all the modules, completed the assignments & reached out to me directly for support but don't see any benefits whatsoever, you'll get your money back.

Can I have a call with you first?

Sure, if you have any questions you can either message me on Linkedin or apply for your call here.

I'll then send across options for times where we can meet & get your questions answered! 

What are your credentionals? 

Here's a list of my certifications and the companies I've worked with

Neuroscience, Psychology & Coaching:
MSc Applied Neuroscience  | King's College (2024)
PG Diploma Applied Neuroscience  | King's College (2024)
BrainFirst Master Practitioner | BrainFirst Institute (2024)
Systems Thinking | Cornell University (2023)
PGCert Psych & Neuroscience of Mental Health | King's College (2023)
High Flow Coach | Flow Research Collective (2023)
Certified Scrum Product Owner  | Scrum Alliance (2023)
Certified SAfe Product Owner/Manager  | Scaled Agile (2023)
Certified Scrum Master | Scrum Alliance (2023)
Applied Neuroscience | BrainFirst Institute (2022)
Certified Positive Psychology Coach | Unstoppable Success (2022)
PG Dip Education Management & Leadership | OTHM (2022)
Certified Success Coach | Jay Shetty Certification School (2022)

Energy Healing & High Magick
Hermetic Kabbalah | Ostara Academy (2023)
Ceremonial Magick Ritual Master| Ostara Academy (2022)
Usui Reiki Master Level (Shinpiden) | Lisa Powers (2022)
Elemental Reiki Practitioner | Ostara Academy (2021)
Adept Initiate | Ostara Academy (2021)
Advanced Usui Reiki  (Okuden) | Feelgood Treatments (2020)
Usui Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) | Feelgood Treatments (2020)

Some of the companies I've worked with:

Consultancies & Service Providers: PWC, IBM, KPMG, BCS Consulting, Heresy Consulting, Technicus, ActionCoach, Eleos Partnership, Michael Page

Investment Banking: Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Investment, Barclays Commercial Bank, Barclays Retail Bank, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Bank, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Coutts, NatWest, UBS, Bank Of New York, Charles Stanley

Digital & Brand Agencies: TPX Impact, Kurve, Tepfu, Visualise, Epic Activation, SUPBoarder, Code

Make your life 38 hours better.

Each week. Every week.