Go from taking NO ACTION...

To taking the RIGHT ACTION


Navigate through the noise, master healthy boundaries, & make better decisions to move forward & live life better



What Does More Clarity & Direction Look Like For You?

Explore what's possible and create your version of good.

Whether they're business owners, employees, men, women, trauma warriors, or graduates, my clients all have these things in common.

They know there's more to life, but feel lost or disconnected and don't know where to start. They're ready to break free from the thought processes, past events and toxic influences that hold them back from the life they want to create.

Here's how I've helped them to let go of the resistance to find more peace, purpose and clarity in their lives.

Gain Self-Worth

...to manage challenging situations better without overwhelm

Set Healthy Boundaries

...to create healthier relationships with friends, family and clients

Find Their Passions

...to create a secure AND happy life versus feeling stuck and like they've sold their soul

Overcome Overwhelm

...to feel they're moving forward instead of staying in the comfort of "being busy" with what doesn't serve them

Feel Worthy & Valued

...to finally feel good enough for the life they want without feeling judged or seeking validation

Let Go Of The Baggage

...to make changes in  thought patterns they struggled to change and let go of the past to finally move forward. 

Put You First

...to feel rested, energised and healthy without feeling selfish to be fully present for what or who truly matters.

Make Better Decisions

...to gain back control and a sense of calm no matter what life throws at them.

How Do I Know If I Want Or Need A Coach?

When we repress our emotions, thoughts, feelings or aspirations, we start to project on people and things around us.

We blame other people, environments or events and get stuck in a cycle of feeling hopeless, angry, frustrated, bored, unfulfilled and unhappy.

If you want to break free from this loop and step out of the internal chaos then the right coach can definitely help.

It's a beautifully challenging journey that opens up doors and will elevate you to levels you never thought would be in reach. 

My clients come to me with a variety of challenges including finding their passions or purpose, seeking fulfilment, low self-worth, post-trauma growth, overthinking, procrastination and people-pleasing amongst other things. 

Working together, I help them to move forward from the past. We work on changing old thought patterns and beliefs, so that they can create the life they want to and thrive in full flow.


"Where would my business be without Sonal? I would still be overwhelmed and anxious about where the growth could come from because we were at capacity."

Al Tepper

"It's so nice to be in such a better place than this time last year. I'm not burnt out looking at work. Amazing! Thank you so much for helping me on this"

Adam Cockerill

"Sonal has definitely helped me to realise that anything is possible and I have moved from a place of fear into a place of excitement when considering the next stage of my life.

She has a great way of getting the best out of me and finding ways of creating a path that is not too overwhelming or stressful.

Everything that we have done to date has been a real pleasure and all of my objectives have been broken down into small achievable goals to ensure that they are adhered to within our set timeline."

Joe Brisley

How Do I Know If You're The Right Coach For Me?


Most of my clients are either similar to me or resonate with my story. 

My approach is that you already have the answers and know what you need to do. You just need someone to guide it out of you, and to help you find your rhythm and flow.

I also firmly believe that without solving the root cause, issues come back like an unwanted visitor when you least expect it.  You'll explore and make peace with the beliefs or stories that don't serve you, reframing them so that you can create and start living your version of good.

I meet you wherever you are at, but my aim is always to bring you to a point where you don't need me anymore and you can thrive whatever comes your way, with the tools and practices you've mastered.

My coaching and mentoring approach is as unique as the challenges and goals you bring, to make sure you see the best possible results. 

The best way to know if I'm the right person for you, or even if coaching in general is right for you, is to experience a session with me. 

So if you're curious to explore further, I invite you to book a breakthrough session with me.

On this call, we will:

  • Get clear on where you're at today: We'll work together to identify your current state and where you feel stuck
  • Explore what's possible: We'll look into your strengths, passions and what you feel a pull to do.
  • Identify what's next: We'll go through my 9 step framework to create the key next action step that will get you unstuck and moving forward from where you are right now.

I LOVE and encourage curiosity, so bring along any questions you have (You can also check out the FAQs at the bottom of this page to see if your question has already been answered)

All you need to do now is find a time that works for you, bring a mug of something warm and join me by the virtual campfire. I'm looking forward to our time together!

With love, 



Your Commitment Exchange

My prices vary from client to client, but to give you an idea of what my clients currently honour to hold themselves accountable, I've provided the minimum they commit to overall.

And yes, you'll be getting homework! But we'll be on the journey together to make sure you get the right things done for the best possible results. 


from £550

Coaching across 4 weeks with a blend of deep-dive zoom sessions, online coaching and laser coaching with unlimited support and the option to receive energy healing



From £1,450 (payment plan available)

Coaching across 12 weeks with a blend of deep-dive zoom sessions, online coaching and laser coaching with unlimited support and the option to receive energy healing



From £2,800 (payment plan available)

Coaching across 24 weeks with a blend of deep-dive zoom sessions, online coaching and laser coaching with unlimited support and the option to receive energy healing


Master healthy boundaries & make better decisions to live life better

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