BUILD your BEST life & die HAPPY

...with one simple method to help you take control of your life & keep it - for good.

There's no greater regret,
than a life unlived.

An intro.

I've been psychic since I was 8 or 9, the age I became a carer for my 55 year old disabled aunt. And it used to scare me no end.

I honed my gifts decades later, after a life-threatening breakdown & diagnosis of severe complex PTSD at 36 due to a violent childhood.

I'm also a huge process geek. I've simplified the decision-making processes of companies, making them $21.5m+ , working with the likes of Goldman Sachs, UBS, PWC & HSBC, while running my businesses in parallel.

The method I developed for them, was the same one that saved my life & helped me change direction.

But so did the world I was scared of as a child.

I'm an Egyptian Mystery School Adept, Priestess & Ceremonial Ritual Master.

And over the last few years, I've helped 390+ creative & purpose driven people to overcome the root cause of the blocks they feel in their business & personal life, with simple structures that drive them to achieve their ambitious goals in parallel.

We resolve what conventional talk therapy, coaching and healing hasn't - for good.

Merging practical strategies from my 5 PEAKS Method with High Magick & my psychic abilities, they free up 38+ hours each week, go from chaos to clarity & intentional action so they can live a meaningful life, without regrets or guilt.

Without the overwhelm or guilt.


"I have more clarity & purpose which is what I was really lacking.

Really big roadblocks that I feel have been cleared for me from my past & things that I was holding on to that I have let go of.

That is certainly because of you."

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