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1:1 coaching & energy healing that gives men back control of their lives

Get the clarity, direction & action steps you need to live life better


You do the noble thing and jump in to fix things that aren't yours to fix. Whether it's relationship issues or seeing someone you care about suffer, you feel it's on you to solve the problem. You take the weight of the world on your shoulders, even if it's not yours to own.


When you're busy working to pay the bills, you're not "pulling your weight" at home. And when you do, you play catch up on the work you left behind. Or have to make up for that rare night out. You just can't catch a break or do something that's meaningful to you, without feeling guilty or selfish


Super dad, super partner, super friend, super boss, super employee, super son or super sibling. You want to protect, provide and be the benchmark. When it's not appreciated, you feel insignificant, unfulfilled and question your own worth. That's a lot of pressure to live with when all you want is to feel wanted.

But if you're looking out for everyone, who's looking out for you?

I'm Sonal Bhaskaran and as a process consultant, certified transformational coach and energy healing practitioner, I've worked with over 150 individuals from all backgrounds to help them create a life they love, without changing who they are or being held back by their past anymore.  

My clients are mostly men in their mid-30s, 40s and 50s - and women who resonate with me or my approach. They have family to support, deadlines to meet, relationships that demand attention and a lifestyle to maintain. And they wouldn't have it ANY other way, but they can't help feeling:

🔻Fed up
🔻Under pressure

They think they've got no right to feel any of those, so they stay stuck and internalise those thoughts until it gets too hard to control.

My thoughts? Screw that - you have EVERY right to feel those. But you also have the right to do yourself justice by not staying there.

I was stuck in that place for decades, as were many men that I cared deeply for. Namely my Dad, some close friends, colleagues and relatives. We internalised our feelings, refused to ask for help and "pushed through" until it ruined our health, career, relationships or all of it

An only child and carer from aged 8 with a violent childhood, I ran 3 businesses from aged 19. Two burnouts, Complex PTSD, and a breakdown at 36 that almost took my life, forced me to get the help I was too ashamed to ask for and it changed my life.

I went from being the fixer, the breadwinner and the boss for years to realising there were better ways to live, by accepting support without letting go of what was important to me.

For Dad, the pressures he felt led to a heart attack that took his life when I was 23. 

Some I knew didn't make it. Some ignored the signs to the point it forced them to give up their businesses, jobs or passions.

For others, it led to breakdowns or burn out. And they didn't see it coming, leaving them unable to navigate forward. 

My mission is to help men, like those above, realise that they deserve to be heard, to create the life they want to live without feeling guilty, selfish or weak. And without giving up everything that they've worked for in order to achieve it. 

Because you CAN create the life you want and STILL be there for those you love. In fact, a better life for you means a better life for them too.

Those who work with me have achieved emotional freedom and better decision-making that's helped them to:

  • achieve their personal goals
  • feel fulfilled
  • advance in their choice of career
  • build their businesses
  • create and maintain healthy relationships
  • release old baggage that held them back. 
  • manage setbacks mindfully
  • take intentional action
  • get back time for the things they love

If you're ready to explore what's possible for you,  I might be able to help.



Coaching that gets you results

"Sonal has helped me to realise that anything is possible and I have moved from a place of fear into a place of excitement when considering the next stage of my life.

She has a great way of getting the best out of me and finding ways of creating a path that is not too overwhelming or stressful, helping to lay any concerns to rest within our sessions.

Everything that we have done to date has been a real pleasure and all of my objectives have been broken down into small achievable goals to ensure that they are adhered to within our set timeline. I’ve already made some very big changes and look forward to working more with Sonal in the future.

I would highly recommend Sonal to anyone looking for a personal coach. Sonal has helped me to see that working independently is not difficult when the correct processes and procedures are put into place"

Joe Brisley (Coaching client)

What to expect when we work together to create the best outcomes for you

We try to fix the symptoms and not the problem that's caused them. That's why they amplify and get out of control.

Here's where we put a stop that.

We'll find the root cause, address what's holding you back so that you can move forward and leave it behind for good.


You can't reach your destination without knowing the best route to take.

You'll explore what's possible before we chart out the next steps together.

We'll identify what's getting in your way and navigate through the noise to mindfully move you forward with less overwhelm and more ease

You don't get guidance from me just to be left to work the rest out yourself. I hold you accountable so that you stay on track.

Because sometimes, we get in our own way. That's when you need someone to challenge you out of that rut

You'll set actions in each session and have support in between to help you get done what you've committed to achieve.


From past experiences, unresolved emotions or trauma, and the beliefs they created that we still believe today, to how we were brought up, they all impact our decision making and our ability to take the action we need to create our future.

But not everything relates to trauma or an open wound. What holds you back is different to what I struggle with, even if our symptoms and behaviour appear the same on the surface.



I meet you where you're at and we work together to address the blocks that come up in a way that resolves it for good, while you mindfully move forward. This goes for whatever challenge you come to me with.

Some of my clients have a specific objective. It could be to

  • achieve a goal at work or in their business
  • accomplish a specific task
  • get better at a specific skillset.
  • find their purpose or passion

Others have identified changes in their behaviour or thoughts that affect their relationships, life or career and want to work at a deeper level to change that. - things like:

  • anger
  • resentment
  • loneliness
  • emptiness
  • lack of self-confidence
  • burn out

With 22+ years as a process consultant, logic, simplicity and a flexible structure drives everything I do. I combine it with meaningful empathy, what I've learned through my personal journey and coach training to give you a strong foundation for your better life.

Even though the situation feels heavy and serious, the journey doesn't need to be.  It's a process that uncovers all kinds of emotions, and it's my job to make sure you enjoy that process as much as you find it challenging

You'll achieve what  you set out to do in a safe and informal space that gets you to take the right action and keeps you on track.

If you're curious to find out more, hit the "start button" below and meet me for just 15 minutes to see if I might be able to help


Coaching that gives you freedom

"Where would my business be without Sonal? I would still be overwhelmed and anxious about where the growth could come from because we were at capacity."

Al Tepper (Coaching client)

"Really in awe of our session, I'm feeling positive, I don't feel burdened and feel strong enough to cut ties with anyone who isn't conductive to my wellbeing"


SJ, North-West London (Energy healing client)

Get back control of your life

...and create one you LOVE


I work on a 1:1 online basis with my clients - either through coaching, energy healing or both.

Your 15 minute breakthrough call is where you'll get clear on where you're at today, your most pressing challenge and where you need support the most. If, at the end of the call, we both feel like working together will move you forward, we can take it from there! 

And I'm sure you want to know prices too, just like I would, so I've put the price ranges below based on what my clients currently pay.

Why a range? Because I let them choose the price that they feel will commit them to show up, do the work, ask for help, receive the support and accountability.

Curious to find out more? Book your 15 minute breakthrough call with me by clicking one of the "Start" links below. Or click here

1:1 Personal Coaching & Mentoring

12 weeks

From £2,500-£10,000 (plans available)

I coach and mentor clients through various challenges and goals, including:

  • finding their passions or purpose
  • seeking fulfilment
  • gaining self-worth
  • building a life post-trauma
  • setting healthy boundaries
  • making better decisions
  • achieving  work & personal goals 

While I have my own proven framework, it's always tailored to where you're at and your needs.

I'm based in North West London and work with clients around the world. Sessions take place 1:1 via Zoom and include the following in between sessions:

  • summary of each call
  • check-ins & unlimited support via WhatsApp or Telegram
  • laser sessions of 15 mins for on the day challenges
  • accountability to keep you on track in between.
  • homework and dedicated folder for any supporting material
  • Option to book one-off sessions once the 12 weeks is completed.

Start ➝

1:1 Energy (Metaphysical & Esoteric) Healing

4 weeks

From £450-£700 (one-time payment)

Trained and initiated in a number of healing modalities with deep roots in the ancient Mystery school lineages, I work with clients online to help them release energy blocks and stored emotions that present as physical pains.

Sessions are conducted remotely and include

  • unlimited support via Telegram or WhatsApp between sessions
  • detailed summary sent after the session 
  • explanation of what was worked on during the session
  • Elemental Reiki
  • Traditional (Usui) Reiki
  • Ceremonial Magick (where I'm guided to do so)

Start ➝

Digital Personal Power Playbook & Private Community

Launching in Jan 2023 - this is your go-to place to set boundaries, prioritise and make better decisions with me by your side to help you implement it. It combines my personal journey and neuroscience training to give you evidence based techniques to apply straight away with support from me in the private community - The Campfire.

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Coaching that helps you achieve

Son is an excellent coach. She allows space for the client to lead the session whilst she uses gentle curiosity to support the client in diving deeper into the coaching session.

The coaching with Son was a transformational process. At the beginning, I felt a lack of clarity and direction in certain areas of my life where I had lost focus whilst balancing a busy career and an active family life.

After only a few sessions, I found I was setting goals relating to my purpose, health and relationships and achieving results!

Son is intuitive, authentic and invested in supporting her clients to reach optimum levels of fulfilment.

Shonagh Macvicar (Coaching client)

I started with Sonal after just quitting my job and having little direction as to where I wanted to be.

It was so easy to open up to Sonal about the difficulties I was having. After our first few sessions, I already felt like the confusion I was having about my personal and professional life was becoming easier to navigate.

Sonal is an attentive coach who was extremely helpful and clear in the guidance she gave me. Our sessions allowed me to come to my own conclusions about what I needed to do to progress.

She encouraged an open conversation about my goals and I felt at ease during our sessions.

I am more emotionally intelligent, self-confident and mindful since working with Sonal. I would recommend her to anyone with personal development goals.


Danica Sharan (Coaching client)

Coaching that gives you a better life

"It's so nice to be in such a better place than this time last year. I'm not burnt out looking at work. Amazing! Thank you so much for helping me on this"

Adam Cockerill (Coaching client)

"You've not only built my confidence up, you've injected strength into me, there is something about you (more than my other coaches), that is very unique. It's your spirit and soul. When I was vulnerable, you built me up and protected my business all at the same time"

Laura Brennan (Coaching client)

Find self-worth, purpose & better mental health to live life better

Get your 7 steps to discover that "better" and start to live it. Without feeling guilty, selfish or weak

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