LIVE with more DEPTH & die HAPPY.

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Before my sessions with Sonal, I was experiencing a significant struggle with sleep, often feeling drained and heavily impacted by negative people and their energies.

Despite understanding the source of these issues, breaking free from them seemed nearly impossible—until I met Sonal.

Her skill in removing energetic blocks is unparalleled, and her guidance throughout the process is both empowering and enlightening. The transformation has been amazing.

My biggest breakthrough has undoubtedly been the complete turnaround in my sleep quality.

Since my sessions with Sonal, I have not experienced a single night of unrest, which speaks volumes about her effectiveness.

The shift in my energy levels and ability to handle negativity has been dramatic—like ice cream melting in the sun, these issues no longer stand a chance with me.

For anyone feeling blocked, drained, or troubled by energetic imbalances, I cannot recommend Sonal enough.

Her approach not only addresses the immediate issues but also empowers you to embrace and trust in your strengths, fostering lasting change.

Richard van der Blom

LinkedIn Consultant

"Honestly can’t thank you enough.

You’ve made me become 10x more productive and clear about what I truly want to do with my career since our last session, whilst caring less about what people think.

No amount of investment in business courses have led me to achieving such crystal-clear clarity"

Hillary Chang

Product Marketer | Fitness Trainer
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Your life's pretty comfortable, but...

You feel what others don't see.

A constant and deep disconnect within yourself, your business, career and others.

That's when every small thing can feel so much harder to accomplish.

It's why you're now seeking what most don't, until they're forced to by life's curveballs.

But you're different - you get it. You know that for your business, career and personal life to flourish - the buck stops with you.

You've tried other coaching, healing, even therapy, but they didn't even touch the sides.

You want to resolve the blocks at their root and drive forward in parallel with simplicity.

Without endless theory, talk or digging holes in the past. So you can live with more depth and, ultimately, die happy

That's when people like you come to me.

428+ Executives and Founders already have.

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"I thought I was sure on my values but I wasn’t! Now more clearly refined and using them to help make better decisions everyday.

I was overwhelmed around what I should be doing next with my business & swamped in tasks that weren’t bringing the value into my life that I wanted.

Taking a fresh look at all aspects of my life I can now look at those parts that I thought I wanted to remove & find a positive reason to continue with some of them.

Aligning all my actions with my values and being clearer on my path has been enlightening.

This coupled with a calmer, more confident outlook makes working with Sonal a delight.

She challenges your thinking in the right way to help you move forward.

Sonal absolutely overdelivers; constantly in touch, prompting you to dive deeper into the root problems and guiding you to real solutions"

Louise Rankin

Web Developer
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"I'm not what you call a woo-woo kind of guy.

But, I was dealing with the some energy and creativity blocks. In my line of work, that's the worst type of block to have.

Energy, emotions, thoughts just came pouring out of me. Like a geyser of energy erupted. I was able to knock out some projects, posts, ideas in the next few days that got me back on track and my mojo firing.

10/10 would recommend."

Doug Lawson

Fractional Content Officer

"To be honest, this is one of the best times I can remember.

I am grateful for it & am trying to stay present every day"

NP - Managing Director
Global Investment Bank | UK

"I've really loved the experience (tho still not sure what it is LOL)

But I know I'm left feeling better, calmer, confident...and and and :-).

Thank you for introducing me to this, I want to keep it up"

SR - Managing Director
Global Investment Bank | USA


  • The Pre-session support
    You have immediate access to me via WhatsApp upon booking so that you have a space to confidentially share your thoughts and challenges with me to guide and support you.

  • The session
    No Zoom or phone calls needed. You won't even be in the same room as me. You relax in a place where you won't be disturbed - wherever you are in the world, and I'll do the work for you in mine! 

  • The work We connect via WhatsApp before each session. As you relax in a comfortable space. I work with my unseen team and a handful of tools to identify and remove the root cause of your blocks.

  • The guidance After each session, you'll receive detailed notes of what I worked on, any messages I received & walk through how you feel & what's coming up for you to be released.

  • The 7 day integration After the session, you have unlimited access to me as I anchor you into the practical strategies that will drive you forward in parallel, with an assignment from my 5 PEAKS Method® - a method that's already got 410+ people like you to turn their hard choices into effortless actions that gives them back control of their mind & life - just like you will

"I have more clarity & purpose which is what I was really lacking.

Really big roadblocks that I feel have been cleared for me from my past & things that I was holding on to that I have let go of.

That is certainly because of you."

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From all the things I invested into myself this year Sonal is the one I have recommended time & time again.

It's hard to put our actual journey into words, but if you are feeling stuck, a little lost or that you just need some help re-finding you and your direction Sonal is who you should be messaging.

Thank you Sonal 🤗

Jamie Rose

LinkedIn Consultant

"I don't know how you do what you do.

But whatever it is, my business and marriage seem to have taken on a whole new lease of life.

You really do have a gift, forever grateful that I got t experience it"

TN - Founder, Creative Agency

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"I had 3 sessions with Sonal & it's actual magic. It's me shedding my old self. I've been more productive, focused & sleeping better.

It's like I’m shedding who I was in pursuit of who I want to be & who I’m becoming & I feel totally at peace with it"

Lea Turner

LinkedIn Trainer

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I specifically work with bold & curious Executives & Founders who want to go beyond the surface of themselves to take back control of their life, their mind & wellbeing - and to keep it, For good.

31 MAY 2024

  • Exclusive to newsletter subscribers & existing clients
  • 1 powerful session of High Magick
  • Remove negative energy, negative entities, cut cords for good & reboot those important but struggling relationships
  • 3 days integration: with unlimited guidance and mentoring from me
  • Only 10 spaces available each month


  • Instant access to support from me on booking
  • 1 High Magick Session
  • 7 days unlimited guidance & mentoring via WhatsApp post session
  • 1 x 5 PEAKS Method© assignment with training & feedback
  • Members pricing for all future sessions


  • Instant access to support from me on booking
  • 4 x High Magick Sessions
  • 30 days unlimited guidance & mentoring via WhatsApp post session
  • 2 x 5 PEAKS Method© assignment with training & feedback
  • 1 x Zoom consulting session + unlimited assignment coaching & consulting
  • Energetic check-ins and clearing in between sessions
  • Members pricing for all future sessions
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"Things were getting hard though, I'd been off my psychiatric meds for a while but considered restarting. I was getting close to burnout.

Instead, I reached out to Sonal, booked on the call and started the work.

What came as a beautiful mind blowing surprise was the High Magick sessions we also did.

I've made huge progress in my mental and physical health, in my personal and creative life, found new avenues for expression and new partners and mentors in different adventures.".

Ana-Marie Ignat Berget

Creativity & Innovation Coach | Co-Founder of Play | Sales & Marketing Consultant

Your Change Mentor

I've been psychic since I was 8, the age I became a carer for my 55 year old disabled aunt.

I trained in my abilities much later as an Egyptian Mystery School Adept, Ceremonial Ritual Master and Priestess.

From aged 19, I ran my own businesses while working with Goldman Sachs, UBS, PWC & HSBC plus others as a business analyst and process consultant.

At 37, I was diagnosed with severe complex PTSD following a breakdown that almost took my life.

High Magick and the 5 PEAKS Method® I developed, that made large corporates and businesses $21.5m+, saved my life.

It did what therapy, coaching and other healing couldn't.

To build a life with more of what I value most - without the endless talk, theory, rabbit holes and fluff.

And without digging up the past or putting my life on hold.

I've helped 428+ busy, ambitious Executives and founders to do the same.

When you're willing, I'm here to help you do that too.

I want tHAT LIFE
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Sonal is a top class coach who helps you immediately cut through the noise and helps you to focus on what matters and what is really important.

She will help you identify growth and improvement areas and guides you on this journey.

I have no hesitation in recommending her and her work.

Scott Kelly

CX Leader | Cisco Germany

“It released things that were brewing under the surface & I had no idea how much they had been holding me back"

NS - General Counsel


How long do the sessions last?

Each session is 60 minutes long for you.

For me, it's 3 hours - I prep for 60 minutes before & afterwards to ensure you get the best of me & my work.

How do remote sessions work?  

You'll be in touch with me over WhatsApp, no need for Zoom or a phone call - a chance for you to have an hour to yourself of uninterrupted me time that you rarely find for yourself! 

I'll message you 10 minutes before the session is due to start, with a relaxation technique so you can start to get comfortable.

I'll also message you once the session is over with detailed notes after the session, and some homework to do.

If you fall asleep - that is TOTALLY fine, a lot of my clients do! The notes will be there for you and we can chat about what came up for you when you wake up.

What modalities do you use? 

I've had certain psychic abilities since I was young.

I'm clairaudient (hear messages), clairsentient (heightened sensitivity for emotional & psychic energy) & I have retro-cognition which means that I can see the past events relating directly to what's blocking you today (it's never what you think!) 

When connected to someone in a session, I receive messages relating to current situations and situations that may happen in the future.

I also see past events vividly that relate to your current blocks, which mean we identify the root cause and get to work on clearing it straight away.

I've trained in Usui Reiki, Elemental Reiki and I'm initiated into the ancient Egyptian mysteries & traditions, allowing me to use powerful physical and energy tools for the highest good of my clients.

This can include cutting cords with people in your life where you want to end a relationship. Or simply reset it.

We pick up other people's negative energy more than we think.

Something many of my clients ask for is to remove the negative energy they feel, but can't pinpoint.  

In title terms, I'm an Egyptian Mystery School Adept, Priestess of the Isis & Osiris lineage & a Ceremonial Ritual Master.

I'll also be happy to answer any questions you have and will always share the processes I've worked with in your sessions with you.

When can I start? 

As soon as you make your payment, we'll book in your first session. via WhatsApp.

Sessions after that can be booked as we go through the process.

This is a powerful container, which requires significant preparation work from me for each person.

While there are no refunds, you can reschedule your sessions with 24 hours notice.

Can I pay in instalments? 

For 1 x private session or 4 x private sessions, you pay in full.

For 3 Month elite, you can pay monthly.

I'm sceptical. How do I know you're the one? 

You 100% should be. The training, coaching & consulting industry is full of people with different experiences, expertise & credentials. And the term "anyone can be a coach" well, it's true. They can.

I'm a certified coach & trained in High Magick, but here's the thing: A certification & training don't turn a bad coach or practitioner into a better one.

Something to take note of if you rely on them as a seal of trust or proof that you'll get the results you want.

Even though I can remove what's blocking you, you'll only ever experience lasting results if you follow the guidance & make the changes in your life that you say you want.

It's a big investment of your time, money and energy. That "know, like and trust" factor is key. That comes with social proof, connection, relatability and likeability amongst many other things.

So do your research beforehand. Feel free to stalk me for a bit on Linkedin where I post most days:)

What's your refund policy?

This is a powerful container, which requires significant preparation work from me for each person (1 hour before and after each session).

While there are no refunds, you can reschedule or delay your sessions with up to 24 hours notice.

What are your credentials?

Here's a list of my certifications and the companies I've worked with

Neuroscience, Psychology & Coaching:

PG Diploma Applied Neuroscience  | King's College (2024)
BrainFirst Master Practitioner | BrainFirst Institute (2024)
Systems Thinking | Cornell University (2023)
PGCert Psych & Neuroscience of Mental Health | King's College (2023)
High Flow Coach | Flow Research Collective (2023)
Certified Scrum Product Owner  | Scrum Alliance (2023)
Certified SAfe Product Owner/Manager  | Scaled Agile (2023)
Certified Scrum Master | Scrum Alliance (2023)
Applied Neuroscience | BrainFirst Institute (2022)
Certified Positive Psychology Coach | Unstoppable Success (2022)
PG Dip Education Management & Leadership | OTHM (2022)
Certified Success Coach | Jay Shetty Certification School (2022)

Hermetic Kabbalah | Ostara Academy (2023)
Ceremonial Magick Ritual Master| Ostara Academy (2022)
Usui Reiki Master Level (Shinpiden) | Lisa Powers (2022)
Elemental Reiki Practitioner | Ostara Academy (2021)
Adept Initiate | Ostara Academy (2021)
Advanced Usui Reiki  (Okuden) | Feelgood Treatments (2020)
Usui Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) | Feelgood Treatments (2020)

Some of the companies I've worked with:

Consultancies & Service Providers:
PWC, IBM, KPMG, BCS Consulting, Heresy Consulting, Technicus, ActionCoach, Eleos Partnership, Michael Page

Investment Banking:
Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Investment, Barclays Commercial Bank, Barclays Retail Bank, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Bank, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Coutts, NatWest, UBS, Bank Of New York, Charles Stanley

Digital & Brand Agencies:
TPX Impact, Kurve, Tepfu, Visualise, Epic Activation, SUPBoarder, Code