428+ execs & founders no longer care about how this works.
They just
love the fact it did.

I see and remove the energy blocks in your body that build up over a lifetime. The blocks you feel but can’t pinpoint. The blocks currently holding you back, with High Magick

Then using my 5 PEAKS Method© (used with businesses like Goldman Sachs, UBS, PWC) you’ll experience rapid changes, enjoying crystal clear clarity, calm, confidence, peace, and happiness.

Hundreds of people just like you are living their life free from the blocks that stood in their way for years. If you never try, you'll never know what's truly possible for you.


One-time payment: $1,500.

  • Instant access to me on WhatsApp.
  • Pick a date and time on Calendly - immediate confirmation
  • Date and time flexible up to 24 hours before session

You are the cornerstone of everything you build.

Everything comes back to you.

You have everything you need for true happiness, but the energy blocks you’re storing won’t allow it. It can feel like something is missing in your life, but honestly, it’s not.

I bet you’re usually a problem solver, but breaking free from this currently seems impossible. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Feeling flat, drained, lost, tired, unhappy, but not knowing exactly what’s causing it – or how to deal with it. In other cases, you may physically feel these blocks. Back pain, neck tightness, leg pain, even psoriasis.

You’ve probably tried to address it already by treating the symptoms - rather than fixing the root cause. Perhaps with talking therapy, other forms of healing, life coaching or executive coaching. But they feel like ‘all talk and no action.’ You’re past that. You just want something that works – quickly. And that’s exactly what this does.

I can explain what we’ll do, but not how it works. Because there is no logical explanation for this. When it does work, you won’t care about the how.

You’ll be too busy loving that it did.

“At the time of the first session, I was a total mess right after my Dad passed away. I remember just finding a quiet space...got into some comfy clothes, under the covers & closed my eyes.

The feeling of relief and lightness after all this weight that I had been carrying. I'm very grateful for that. She was checking in & dropped a few notes of things that she had seen. “How the heck does she know that? I never told her that”

There was one thing that I was like, I'm going to let that simmer. I understood it after three or four days...it turned out to be a very important piece of info.

It’s a beautiful feeling. Whether you do it for your business or for yourself…either way, you're going to be working on both. Do it"

Zineb Layachi

Founder & Video Marketer, Spain

The Spiritual Side

You'll be spiritually curious. If you’re not, I’m not going to try and convince you. Stop reading now 😂

Since I was a young girl, I’ve had psychic moments – which used to freak me out to no end. When I started training in High Magick, and getting results for people, this freaked me out even more.

For a while I tried to make the illogical, logical. My corporate brain tried to make sense of it all. And I couldn’t.

Eventually, I stopped trying. I put my energy into helping people let go, move on, and sleep better. They felt happier, more present, and more content. I was helping people at work, in their business, in their marriage… their whole lives. I’d finally accepted and found my ‘calling’.

The Strategic Side

I’ve worked at Goldman Sachs, UBS, PWC, and HSBC  alongside many others as a business analyst and process consultant. I’m still working in corporate now – having made businesses over $21.5 million, as a Director and Product Owner. People often find this surprising. As if they expect me to wear a vial of blood around my neck like Angelina Jolie 😂.

This is what makes this truly unique. Unlike anything else you’ve tried before. I merge the spiritual with the strategic - our High Magick session is just the first part of the process.

Once I ‘do what I do’ and remove these energy blocks, that’s when we’ll start our transformation journey with the 5 PEAKS Method© - a 7-day programme that helps you turn your hard choices into effortless actions, giving you back control of your mind and life.

That's why I call it High Magick X Systems©

““My biggest breakthrough has undoubtedly been the complete turnaround in my sleep quality. Since my sessions with Sonal, I have not experienced a single night of unrest, which speaks volumes about her effectiveness.

The shift in my
energy levels and ability to handle negativity has been dramatic—like ice cream melting in the sun, these issues no longer stand a chance with me."

Richard van der Blom

Linkedin Consultant & International Keynote Speaker, Spain

What does the process look like? 

1. Pre-session support

Getting ready

After you book and pay for your session, you have access to me on WhatsApp. This space is here for you to offload and share, should you wish to.

2. The session

70 minutes

10 minutes before we start, you’ll receive breathing techniques to relax. During the one-hour session, you can read a book, sleep, or meditate at home or the office. As long as you’re not driving or operating heavy machinery, you’re good. I then make the connection with you – see the blocks in your body – and remove them. We don’t need Zoom or a phone call.

After the session, I share messages I’ve received and what that means for you. I’ll explain what the blocks in your body were, what you were holding onto, and what I’ve done to remove them.

3. The next day

Crystal clear clarity

These next two days are a really transformative time. The first step in the 5 PEAKS Method© is to get crystal clear on what you value. You’ll do a couple of short activities and I’ll check them (if they’re not detailed enough, I’ll work with you until they are).

4. 7 days of mentorship

The 5 PEAKS Method©

Using my 5 PEAKS Method© (used with businesses such as Goldman Sachs, UBS and PWC) we’ll then work together for seven days to create the domino-effect on your life you've needed all this time.

“You’ve made me 10x more productive and clearer about what I truly want, whilst caring less about what people think. No amount of investment in business courses have led me to achieving such crystal-clear clarity"

Hillary Chang

Product Marketer, UK

How many sessions will you need? 

90% of people just need one.

The effects are instant – and huge. All sessions are completely remote. We agree a time on WhatsApp and during the hour. There’s no need for any in-person meetings, phone calls or Zoom calls. So you don’t need to worry about drooling in your sleep on webcam 😊


One-time payment: $1,500

Instant confirmation. Instant access to me on WhatsApp.

How High Magick X Systems© compares to other options

When you feel stuck, drained, and unhappy, there are a few places you turn to: life coaching, talking therapy, Reiki, or hypnosis, for example. While I’m not knocking these methods, my clients often say they found they left with more questions than answers – which can be even more draining.

Where High Magick differs is I see the root – the energy block – and remove it – there and then. If you follow the steps, you’ll see the knock-on effect in every aspect of your life over days, months and years.

What I do:

What I don't do:

See the root cause of your blocks and remove them
Cast “relationship spells” or other dark magic.
Give you crystal clear clarity
Help you gain money or power.
Make sure you move on from past events or people
Read minds.
Make your next night’s sleep your best ever.
Make you do any rituals or spells.
Banish overthinking.
Send messages from the dead.
Boost your productivity on what meaningfully drives you forward
Make objects levitate or pull rabbits out of hats 😆

One-time payment: $1,500.

Instant confirmation. Instant access to me on WhatsApp.

“I'm not what you call a woo-woo kind of guy. But, I was dealing with the some energy and creativity blocks. In my line of work, that's the worst type of block to have.

After the session, energy, emotions, thoughts just came
pouring out of me. Like a geyser of energy erupted. I was able to knock out some projects, posts, ideas in the next few days that got me back on track and my mojo firing"

Doug Lawson

Fractional Chief Content Officer, USA

I asked my clients how they felt...

Before working with me.
They said:
After working with me.
They said:
“I want purpose and meaning”
“I want to get out of my own way”
“I need conviction I’m on the right path”
“I just want peace in my life”
“I feel stuck, lost, lazy, and disinterested”
“I want to step into my true calling”
“I would love to trust more”
“I want to stop overthinking”
“I want to stop self-sabotage”
“I want to rid myself of negativity that is holding me back”
“I’m not using my time wisely”
“I have significant struggle with sleep”
“I’m struggling to break free from people’s negative energies”
“I feel overwhelmed to the point of doing nothing at all”
“I have nothing to “complain about”, I just don’t feel myself”
“I feel like I’m not enough”
“I have crystal-clear clarity”
“The transformation has been amazing”
“I’m making better decisions every day”
“I feel calmer”
“The shift in my energy levels has been dramatic”
“I have clarity and purpose”
“I feel a release of some notion”
“I feel a huge shift”
“I’m calmer and more confident”
“It’s like a geyser of energy erupted”
“I’m 10x more productive”
“My sleep has been so much better”
“My business and marriage have taken on a new lease of life”
“I’ve not experienced a single night of unrest”
“I’m feeling better, calmer, more confident”
“I’m becoming who I really want to be”

If you never try, you'll never know



Immediate confirmation. Pick a date and time on Calendly. Date and time are flexible up to 24 hours before the session.

“I’ve really loved the experience (though I’m still not sure what it is LOL)” But I know I'm left feeling better, calmer, confident...and and and 😊. Thank you for introducing me to this, I want to keep it up"

SR – Managing Director of a global investment bank, USA.

Is this right for you?

Yes, if:

  • You’re feeling emotionally or physically drained
  • You’re feeling a deep disconnect with the outside world and within yourself
  • You’re ‘doing well’ but constantly feel empty
  • You feel stuck.
  • You don’t know ‘what’s wrong’.
  • Life coaching, healing or Executive coaching hasn’t worked.
  • You don’t want to spend hours talking and leave with unanswered questions.

You want something that works and lasts, that’s going to make you feel lighter, stronger, and in control of your life - quickly.

Together, that’s what we do.

“There are some things you don’t need to understand how or why they work – this is one of them!”

-Zineb Layachi

When you use your mobile to scroll Instagram, you don’t worry about how your phone’s technology works, do you? You just want to see cat videos 😂

Treat energy block removal the same. The longer you spend trying to explain it, searching for a scientific reason, the longer you delay feeling calmer, more confident, more energetic, more content… and the longer you continue feeling the way you are now.

Everyone holds onto energy. Until it’s removed, you don’t realise how much it’s been impacting you. Whether it’s events from your past, ancestral, negative energies of people around you, or things you can’t quite pinpoint, once they’re gone, you realise the massive effect they were having on you.

We don’t need to talk through these blocks. You don’t need to answer any questions. There’s no therapy. I remove them so we can focus on the things in your life we can see and do understand.

I know you’re fed up feeling the way you’re feeling. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.

So let’s take action and remove the blocks you don’t see, but feel every day. 



  •  Immediate confirmation.
  • Pick a date and time on Calendly.
  • Date and time flexible up to 24 hours before session.

Scott Kelly

CX Leader, Cisco, Germny

“I have more clarity & purpose which is what I was really lacking. Really big roadblocks that I feel have been cleared for me from my past & things that I was holding on to that I have let go of. That is certainly because of you.

Sonal is a top class coach – she will help you identify growth and improvement areas and guide you on this journey. I have no hesitation in recommending her and her work.”

Louise Rankin

Web Developer, UK

“"I thought I was sure on my values but I wasn’t! Now more clearly refined and using them to help make better decisions everyday. I was overwhelmed around what I should be doing next with my business & swamped in tasks that weren’t bringing the value into my life that I wanted.

Aligning all my actions with my values and being clearer on my path has been enlightening. This coupled with a
calmer, more confident outlook makes working with Sonal a delight. She challenges your thinking in the right way to help you move forward.

Sonal absolutely overdelivers; constantly in touch, prompting you to dive deeper into the root problems and guiding you to
real solutions"

"From all the things I invested into myself this year Sonal is the one I have recommended time & time again.

It's hard to put our actual journey into words, but if you are feeling stuck, a little lost or that you just need some help re-finding you and your direction Sonal is who you should be messaging.

Thank you Sonal 🤗

Jamie Rose

LinkedIn Consultant, Spain

""Things were getting hard, I'd been off my psychiatric meds for a while but considered restarting. I was getting close to burnout. Instead, I reached out to Sonal, booked on the call and started the work.

What came as a beautiful mind blowing surprise was the High Magick sessions we also did. I've made huge progress in my mental and physical health, in my personal and creative life, found new avenues for expression and new partners and mentors in different adventures.".

Ana-Marie Ignat Berget

Creativity & Innovation Coach, Sales & Marketing Consultant,  Spain

“I had 3 sessions with Sonal & it's actual magic. It's me shedding my old self. I've been more productive, focused & sleeping better.

It's like I’m shedding who I was in pursuit of who I want to be & who I’m becoming & I feel totally at peace with it"

Lea Turner

LinkedIn Trainer, UK


How long do the sessions last?

70 minutes in total. 10 minutes of breathwork followed by 60 minutes of relaxation for you in your space, while I do the work in mine.

How do remote sessions work?  

You’ll use my Calendly link to schedule a session at a date and time you’re free. This is instantly confirmed upon booking.

Once you book, you’ll receive access to me via WhatsApp, where you’re free to share anything you feel is important. It’s absolutely fine not to share anything and see what comes up during the session.

During the session, feel free to read a book, meditate, or even sleep! As long as you’re not driving or operating any heavy machinery, you’re good.

The less distractions, the better. Use this time for a rest. If you fall asleep, that’s totally fine!

When the session is over, I’ll message you with detailed notes and some things to focus on next.

What modalities do you use? 

I've had certain psychic abilities since I was young. I'm:

Clairaudient (hear messages)
Clairsentient (heightened sensitivity for emotional & psychic energy)
I have retro-cognition (I can see the past events relating directly to what's blocking you today)

I've trained in Hermetic Qaballah, Ancient Egyptian mysteries & traditions and High Magick, allowing me to use powerful physical, psychic and energetic tools for the highest good of my clients.

In title terms, I'm an:
- Egyptian Mystery School Adept
- Mage
- Priestess of the Isis & Osiris lineage
- Ceremonial Ritual Master.

Is the session date and time flexible? 

Yes – up to 24 hours before. Which is pretty standard. This is because it takes me a significant time to prepare for your session (both logistically and in terms of energy).

What is your refund policy? 

Due to the fact you have instant access to me on WhatsApp and the significant preparation it takes for me, I do not offer refunds. But you can change the date and time of your session, as long as you give more than 24 hours of notice.

What are your credentials?

Here's a list of my certifications and the companies I've worked with

Neuroscience, Psychology & Coaching:

PG Diploma Applied Neuroscience  | King's College (2024)
Systems Thinking | Cornell University (2023)
PGCert Psych & Neuroscience of Mental Health | King's College (2023)
High Flow Coach | Flow Research Collective (2023)
Certified Scrum Product Owner  | Scrum Alliance (2023)
Certified SAfe Product Owner/Manager  | Scaled Agile (2023)
Certified Scrum Master | Scrum Alliance (2023)
Applied Neuroscience | BrainFirst Institute (2022)
Certified Positive Psychology Coach | Unstoppable Success (2022)
PG Dip Education Management & Leadership | OTHM (2022)
Certified Success Coach | Jay Shetty Certification School (2022)

Hermetic Kabbalah | Ostara Academy (2023)
Ceremonial Magick Ritual Master| Ostara Academy (2022)
Usui Reiki Master Level (Shinpiden) | Lisa Powers (2022)
Elemental Reiki Practitioner | Ostara Academy (2021)
Adept Initiate | Ostara Academy (2021)
Advanced Usui Reiki  (Okuden) | Feelgood Treatments (2020)
Usui Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) | Feelgood Treatments (2020)

Some of the companies I've worked with:

Consultancies & Service Providers:
PWC, IBM, KPMG, BCS Consulting, Heresy Consulting, Technicus, ActionCoach, Eleos Partnership, Michael Page

Investment Banking:
Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Investment, Barclays Commercial Bank, Barclays Retail Bank, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Bank, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Coutts, NatWest, UBS, Bank Of New York, Charles Stanley

Digital & Brand Agencies:
TPX Impact, Kurve, Tepfu, Visualise, Epic Activation, SUPBoarder, Code