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A compact email course delivered over 5 consecutive days, you'll uncover the 5-step method that's got my clients back 38+ hours each week, through effortless decision-making.


After the course, you'll get twice weekly emails with actionable steps that take you from being paralysed by indecision & bogged down by poor choices to executing the right things with


Subscribers reply with their questions, challenges & break-throughs after implementing the steps. Get direct access to me to do the same when you sign up too.


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PROBLEM #1: You're drowning in commitments, yanked in various directions & your focus is scattered.

You overthink everything from business challenges to relationships. Every decision feels like a gamble in a high stakes game you never win.

PROBLEM #3: You fear confrontation. You want to make everyone happy but you're drained by commitments you wish you'd never said yes to.

With everything on your plate, you're too exhausted, overwhelmed & riddled with guilt to focus on what you want for yourself.

You struggle to influence what's out of your control & spend more time wishing you had it easier than doing something about it.

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Richard Moore

Founder | The LinkedIn Client Accelerator


Sonal is diligent, focused, intelligent and driven. When these ingredients are combined with her natural urge to take action, results happen. Her consistency is remarkable and I would often think of her when recommending someone to take them to a level of peak performance

Ash Rathod

Managing Partner & Brand Strategist | Digital Focus Creatives & WAM


Sonal is diligent, focused, intelligent and driven. When these ingredients are combined with her natural urge to take action, results happen. Her consistency is remarkable and I would often think of her when recommending someone to take them to a level of peak performance

Sri Mahabir

Video Marketing Agency Owner | Next Level Consulting Agency


At first I was super anxious & nervous about things. Session by session I was facing situations that normally would be difficult, but I did with much ease. It helped me to get clarity how I was running away from my business instead of towards it - the wake up call I needed! There are things in business I needed to let go, which was very difficult for me. Sonal was there-holding my hand each step of the way.

I you're ooking to get a grasp of your time a&emotions Sonal can help you see the blocks that you may not realize you have.

Cameron Harris

CEO | TRUTH Fitness


I can't do long, soppy, drawn-out, descriptive testimonials for people. I also don't recommend stuff that isn't great.

Sonal is great.

Her coaching has changed my life for the better, and if, like me, you're a businessman that needs clarity, there is nowhere else you should look.

Her coaching works. Reach out before she gets too busy to fit you in.

Ian Worthington

Founder | GymWolf PT


I'm currently working with Sonal and her 5 PEAKS Method - it's an absolute game changer! Sonal is awesome - a super talented coach, communicator and 'action maker'.

She is brilliant to work with, has a great personality and ensures all her teachings have workable and implementable solutions.

I would highly recommend Sonal, The 5 PEAKS Method and all that she does.

Scott Kelly

CX Leader | Cisco Germany


Sonal is a top class coach who helps you immediately cut through the noise and helps you to focus on what matters and what is really important.

She will help you identify growth and improvement areas and guides you on this journey. I have no hesitation in recommending her and her work

Tom Kelly

Demand Generation Strategist | Kurve


I’d very much recommend working with Sonal!

A very talented project manager, extremely easy to work with and helped me to build out the systems & processes I needed to scale.

Barbora Pocuchova

Content Strategist & Ghost-writer


Sonal combines the best of both worlds – intuitive energy with sharp strategy. She brought me a sense of renewal, peace, and direction.

The results have been fantastic and I feel on track. Sonal is extremely kind and has a wealth of wisdom & life experience anyone can benefit from.

Luke Nevill

Facebook Ads Strategist | Kurve


Too many businesses/people are doing repetitive tasks that end up taking majority of your time (these tasks compound over time).

We worked on who, what, where, why and how. This helped improve my systems further. I’d recommend connecting with her

Shaian Nouri

Google Ads Strategist | Kurve


I had a great experience with Sonal as she guided me through frameworks to simplify my work.

She helped me delegate, streamline & automate. I would recommend this to anybody – it’s an investment that will pay itself

Adam Cockerill

Founder | CODE Websites


It's so nice to be in such a better place than this time last year. I'm not burnt out looking at work. Amazing! Thank you so much for helping me on this

Al Tepper

Founder | TEPFU Marketing


Where would my business be without Sonal?

I would still be overwhelmed and anxious about where the growth could come from because we were at capacity.

Shonagh MacVicar

General Counsel | C-Suite Advisor


After only a few sessions, I found I was setting goals relating to my purpose, health and relationships and achieving results!

Son is intuitive, authentic and invested in supporting her clients to reach optimum levels of fulfilment.

Dimitris Androutsos

Senior Manager | PWC Management Consultancy


I highly recommend Sonal. She is an excellent Business Analyst with exceptional problem solving skills. She is very engaging and an excellent team player who works collaborative with all programme teams.

She has good business and commercial acumen. Sonal is a great asset.

Sarah O'Donoghue

Founder | Optio | Online Business Management


My business was growing quickly (...) Even though I had a business plan, I didn’t know where to start.Sonal gave me a new pricing structure and onboarding processes and even made suggestions for how to scale the business in 3 to 5 years! I implemented these immediately.The business has grown from just me to 9 people and having all the right processes and resources in place to support me has meant I can put all my focus into business development and account management.
All this in 2 months!

Louise Lai

Chief Client & Transformation Officer | TPX Impact | UK


Son supported us through a change & restructure programme bringing clarity, challenge, expertise &support to guide us through a complex landscape.

Thank you always being so generous with your time & experience, for creating a framework that provided genuine transparency & structure!

Olly Church

Co-Founder - Eleos Partnership | Herts UK


Sonal works with just the right combination of reassurance, guidance and challenge in a way that has really helped to shape our thinking and turn an idea into a growing reality.We are now at the point of launching our new business model into the unknown – it’s still early days but without Sonal by our side, we may still be going round in circles. Thank you Sonal for helping us get to the start line in a timely and orderly fashion and for offering to always be on hand to call on when we feel lost.

Jamie Rose

Social Selling Strategist


I started speaking with Sonal through the general feed on LinkedIn & once I got to know her a little more we started working together around energy & healing. From all the things I invested into myself this year Sonal is the one I have recommended time & time again. It's hard to put our actual journey into words, but if you are feeling stuck, a little lost or that you just need some help re-finding you and your direction Sonal is who you should be messaging. Thank you Sonal